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Ishibashi Ryo

Date of Birth July 20, 1956
Place of Birth Fukuoka

Ishibashi Ryo has two faces. One face is a Rock'n Roll singer. The other is an actor. He started the rock band ARB (Alexanders Ragtime Band) in 1977. ARB is Ishibashi Ryo (vo), Tanaka Ichiro (G), Enma (B), Miyagi Shinichiro (Key) and Keith (Dr). They played with the Tulip and The Pinklady at Korakuen stadium. ARB made their debut with a single "Norainu" from Victor in 1978. On October 29 of the same year, they played with Southern Allstars at Toou theater. They released their first album ARB on May 25, 1979. In October of the same year, Enma and Miyagi left ARB. On December 20, ARB released 3rd single "Tamashii Kogashite". This song was recorded by three members, Ishibashi Ryo, Tanaka Ichiro, and Keith. This song was the representative song of ARB.

Ishibashi Ryo got acquainted with Matsuda Yusaku in 1986. The same year, while working as a rock singer, he was cast in "Ahomance", which was directed Matsuda Yusaku and ARB's 13th single "AFTER 45" was used as the theme song of Ahomance. On November 21, ARB appeared on the TV show, "Yoru no Hit Studio". In December, Ishibashi Ryo was cast in "Boku no Onna ni Te o Dasuna" with Koizumi Kyoko. In 1987, he was cast in an NHK TV history drama "Takeda Singen". On November 6, 1989, Matsuda Yusaku died. On November 16, Ishibashi Ryo sang "AFTER 45" for Matsuda Yusaku at Shinjuku Power Station. He has concentrated on his acting career since the break-up of ARB in 1990.

A Homans directed by Matsuda Yusaku
Kinema Junpo New Star Award
Kumamoto Eiga Festival New Star Award
J-MOVIE WARS 1 tsuki wa docchi ni deteiru directed by Sai Yoichi
Kids Return directed by Kitano Takeshi
Crossing Guard directed by Sean Penn
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Reported by: Onishi Nobuyuki
Data verified by: Okamoto Hideki
Date of Report: October 1998

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