Famous People in Japan

Inoue Yousui

Date of Birth 30 August 1948
Place of Birth Fukuoka Prefecture

Inoue Yousui is a Japanese song writer. He wrote many unimaginable songs.

His father is a dentist. So, he tried to be a dentist, and he took the college exam for dentist but he failed.

Then he made many songs. In 1969, he released first record "Kandore Manndore." When the name "Andore kandore," the record was sold poorly.

To start afresh, he debuted as Inoue Yousui. At that time, first record as Inoue Yousui "If I have the second life," was released.

After the two years, he made a great achivement. His album was sold more than a million copies, the first time for this to happen in Japan.

In addition, he has supplied his songs to the other singer. Many of the singers who have sang his songs, such as "Wine red heart," "Into the dream," and "The ice world."

We can see him often on TV. He appears in commercial for tea "Kikicha.". The special TV program was broadcasted by NHK on December 21 in 2000. In this program, we could know his character, he was full of mystery. So, the program lets us see his talent. Phenomenon like him can only be understood by few people.

Reference:Inoue Yousui official web site

Reported by: Kobayashi Tohru
Data verified by: Masahiko Hayashi
Date of Report: November 2001

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