Famous People in Japan

Inagaki Goro

Date of Birth 8 December 1973
Place of Birth Tokyo

Inagaki Goro is a member of SMAP,a singing group. He has belonged to Janny's Talent Agency since he was a junior high school student. the first several years after SMAP had formed, they weren't very famous, but now, SMAP is liked by all generatinos. They are playing an active role in the entertainment world.

Inagaki Goro was born on December 8th, 1973 in Tokyo. His height is 176 centimeters tall and his weight is 52 kilograms. He likes taking pictures and his blood type is O. Until now, he appeared in many dramas, movies, TV commercials, and stages. For example, in drama section, "Gakko-e-iko" (Let's go to school), "Hatachi-no-yakusoku" (Promise to twenty years old), "Saiko-no-koibito" (The best lover), "Tokyo-daigaku-monogatari" (Tokyo university story). He appeared in the movie "Private Lessons". This movie was produced the cooperation of both America and Japan. In this movie, he spoke English when he spoke to the lady in the leading part,Joanna Pacula. He also appeared in "Super Scandal" and "Shoot". 'Shoot' was a story about soccer players, and all SMAP members appeared in this movie. However he isn't good at sports, and he appeared only in the latter half because he studied soccer abroad.

On the stage, he appeared in "Yakyoku" and "Hiroshima ni gennbaku ga ochita hi". He often appears in many TV commercials, and plays unusual characters.

Since 1996, SMAP have had their own regular TV program every Monday night. On the program, he performs many funny characters, for example, "Thank you Goro", "G Shock", "Gorogo thirteen", "Gorokumi chan". At those times, he looks like quite another person.

References: Magazine Reported by: Hashimoto Ryoko
Data verified by: Fujiwara Aya
Date of Report: July 1998

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