Famous People in Japan

Inaba Koshi

Date of Birth 23 September 1964
Place of Birth Okayama

Inaba Koshi is a famous singer. He is the member of an rock'n roll band called "B'z" with Matsumoto Takahiro, the guitarist. Koshi has been being the member of that group for about seven years. "B'z" has become a very big group now having the support of many young people.

Koshi was a student of Yokohama National University, and majored in mathematics. He was going to be a high school mathematics teacher. He did not have the slightest intention of being a singer. But one day, Koshi participated in a song contest, and took the grand prize. And he felt it pleasant to sing songs in public. At that time, Takahiro was looking for a good singer, and listened to Koshi's demo of the sing contest by chance. Takahiro thought that Koshi was the best person to be his partner.

Koshi qraduaited the university and jumped into a new world. He started writing the words of songs that Takahiro had made by himself. Koshi had originality in both singing and writing. People came to take notice of their songs, and a great number of the rising generation supported "B'z".

"B'z" held a big concert in the open air for the first time in 1994. A hundred thousand people gathered there for two days.And there are at least two hundreds people in their fan club. "B'z" probably would not have succeeded without Koshi. He is indispensable to them.

In 1998, they released a new album "The best of pleasure which has sold 2,700,000 copies..They also released a new single in July.

Reported by: Akiko Kaneshita
Data verified by: Kumiko Okumura
Date of Report: November 1995
Updated by: Hiroo Tanaka May 1988

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