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Imai Miki

Date of Birth 14 April 1963
Place of Birth Miyazaki

Miki Imai is a Japanese TV "talent" who is active in several fields.

When she was in the Tokyo Stewardess Club in 1983, she was introduced to a talent agency by her acquaintance. At first, she started as a fashion model because she is tall and slender. Now, she is an image character for the Japanese fashion brand "Kumikyoku".

In 1984, she made her debut in the TV drama "Kagayakitaino". In 1986, she got the most valuable rookie award at the Yokohama film festival. In 1987, she appeared in the movie "A la carte Company" as the leading part.

After that she appeared in the TV dramas "Igai-to-Single Girl", "Omoide-ni-kawarumade" and "Ashita-ga-arukara".

She also debuted as a singer in 1986. She sings feminine hearts of love to moderate melodies, so she has the backing of mainly young women. Her main works are "Kanojo-to-tip on duo", "Hitomi-ga-hohoemukara" and "Piece of My Wish".

She has a quiet feminine atmosphere but her personality is frank. Now, she is an object of admiration among women.

Her song "Pride" was used in "Doku" which is a drama on Fuji television.

References: Jinmei Jiten

Reported by: Yamazoe Megumi
Data verified by: Tanaka Akiko
Date of Report: July 1996
Updated by: Miyuki Nakanishi, May 1998

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