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Ikewaki Chizuru

Date of Birth November 21, 1981
Place of Birth Osaka

Chizuru Ikewaki is an actress with many other talents. Her hobbies are cooking and watching "K-1". Playing volleyball and the piano are her special talent. Her favorite foods are strawberries, cherries, walnuts, vegetables and rice.

She was chosen "8th Re-house Girl" out of ten thousand people in the audition. There is a popular program named "Asayan" on TV Tokyo, which is an audition program. This program held the 2nd CM (a television commercial) Beautiful Girl Audition" in order to choose the "8 th Re-house Girl", who is an actress for the company "Mitsui Re-house".

She made her debut as an actress with this commercial in 1998. She drew public attention at once, and appeared in the drama "Yoshinobu Tokugawa" (NHK), and "Seikimatsu no Uta" (Nippon TV) and other programs. Then, she played the leading part in the movie "Osaka Story" for the first time in 1999. Though she played the leading part for the first time, she was recognized as a promising actress and awared the newcomer actress award on the "73rd Kinema Shunpou". Furthermore, she won a lot of nercomer actress awards on the "54th Mainichi Movie Contest", "the 23rd Japan Academy Award" and other contests. She suddenly had become famous.

She also won the leading actress award on "2000 40th ACC CM Festival" for her performance of Mitsui Re-house "a Greeting of Separation". Her awards are aummarized in the table below, because, she was awarded many awards until now.

She had appeared in twenty or more works from her debut to present, be playing the leading part in the morning serial TV novel "Honmamon". She had also published her collections of essays and photographs. Though she is only nineteen years old, everyone recognizes her ability. She will grow up to be one of the most important actresses in Japan in the future.

Her Prize-Winning Work
24th Houchi Movie Award the most valuable newcomer award
21st Yokohama Movie Festival the most valuable newcomer award
73rd Kinema Shunpou the newcomer award
54th Mainichi Movie Contest the sport Nippon grand prix nercomer award
25th Osaka Movie Festival the newcomer award
23rd Japan Academy Award the most valuable newcomer actress award
14th Takazaki Movie Festival the most valuable newcomer actress award
2000 40th ACC CM Festival the leading actress award
2001 Errand Doll Award the errand doll newcomer award



Reported by: Motoko Iida
Data verified by: Kayo Ikeda
Data of Report: November 2001
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