Famous People in Japan

Ikeno Medaka

Date of Birth 3 July 1943
Place of Birth Osaka
Real Name Nakai Akihiko

Ikeno Medaka belongs to Yoshimoto Kogyo, and he is a member of Yoshimoto Shin-Kigeki. He is one of the most famous and popular comedians in it.

He is 149 centimeters in height which is very small, so he often tells a gag concerning with his heights. In the stage he is often lifted up by the other members when he tells a gag. In the stage, he always says to the other members 'Kyou Ha Konokurai-ni Shitoitaru-wa !!" which means that he forgives them, even when he lost and he was afraid of them. and then he will run run away.

Yoshimoto Shin-Kigeki had been famous in only Osaka, but last year, it started to give performances in Tokyo, and the title of TV program in Tokyo is "Cho-Yoshimoto Shin-Kigeki". It is popular not only in Osaka but also in Japan. He is one of the popular comedian in it, so he becomes more famous and popular comedians in Japan. His TV commercial film for Sapporo Beer's Black Label is famous in Japan.

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Reported by: Someya Nana
Data verified by: Baba Yuki
Date of Report: January 1999

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