Famous People in Japan

Iijima Ai

Date of Birth July 7, 1972
Place of Birth Tokyo

Iijima Ai published an autobiography "Platonic Sex" in 2000. She wrote her life frankly. The contents is:

Young generation sympathized her possitive posture,and the autobiography became a million seller. Matsuura Masako filmed the autobiogrphy.The leading actress was sellected by the audition, and Kagami Saki was elected from 12083 girls. She was lucky girl. The leading actor was Odagiri Jyo. The supporing player was also grateful.

Now, Iijima Ai is mainly active in variety programs. She speaks bitterly, but everyone likes her. In the future, we can watch her in TV more and more.

Role of name Real name
AoiKagami Saki
ToshimiOdagiri Jyo
KanaiKase Tisyuu
AkemiNonami Naho
PapaIshimaru Kenjirho
MamaNegishi Kie

References: Platonic Sex Homepage (in Japanese)

Reported by: Yoshikawa Misa
Data verified by: Miyazaki Naomi
Date of Report: November 2001
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