Famous People in Japan

Ihara Tsuyoshi

Date of Birth 6 November 1963
Place of Birth Fukuoka

Ihara Tsuyoshi was born on November 6, 1963 in Kokura and grew up in Osaka. He is 184 cm tall and has a nice figure. He is known as a handsome actor with real power. He likes exercise and has many hobbies; scuba diving, riding a horse, sky diving, skiing, and so on. He would develop his physical strength by these sports.

After he graduated from high school, he left for Tokyo to realize his dream. The dream was to live free as he liked. He aimed for an actor, and passed an examination of JAC (Japan Action Club) that is led by Chiba Shinichi. In 1983, he made a debut at the stage of "The midnight party". After that he played an active part in many stages, and was found his nice power of acting by Bandou Tamasaburou, who is a kabuki actor and also a director of plays and movies.

Then he expanded his spot of activity to commercial, drama on TV, and movie. He has raised his real power as a wonderful actor, and been active in various aspects.

He played the leading part admirably in the movie, "Jingi" in 1991, and the role of a criminal in "Abunai Deka -returns-" in 1996. He also appeared on some trendy dramas like "17-sai", "Natural", "Tsumetai-Tsuki", and so on. He can play any role. Especially in Japanese famous morning drama, "Futarikko", he broke the image of handsome actor, and played a comic actor.

I like both his handsome aspect and comical aspect. I'll continue to support him all the way.

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Reported by: Michiko Kai
Date of Report: January 1999

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