Famous People in Japan

Igawa Haruka

Date of Birth June, 29
Place of Birth Tokyo

She is a model, TV personality and actress. It has been 3 years since she made her debut. She was the campaign girl of Toyobo in 1999. Now, she appears in the Aderans commercials. She is becoming very popular these days.

She's a good swimmer and has been swimming since she was a student. She also likes Yamaguchi Tomoko and Fujiwara Norika very much. Her favorite musician is Jamiroquai. She said "In the future, I want to act mainly in films, commercials and on TV".

References: http://www.haruka-fan.net/

Reported by: Saeko Tsujimoto, Chie Kojima
Data verified by: Natsumi Asai, Rie Teraura, Emi Togami
Date of Report: August 13, 2001

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