Famous People in Japan

Igarashi Ryota

Date of Birth 28 May , 1979
Place of Birth Chiba
Height & Weight 178cm,74kg

Ryota Igarashi is a baseball player on the Yakult Swallows and wears uniform number 53.

After he graduated from Keiai Gakuen High School, he joined the team in 1998. He first took part in the game as a pitcher on April 20,1999. And on May 27, he first gained a victory.

He got married on December 13, 2002 and he had a daughter on August 25, 2003. He is so cool that he is said "K.I.M.U.T.A.K.U of the baseball world." His weapon is fastball, and he has the second record in history, 157 km.

Now, he flourishes as a stopper because Shingo Takatsu, has been a teammate before, transfered to the major league.

References: http://www.r53.tv/index2.html
Reported by: Saori Kurokawa
Checked by: Ayako Maeda
Date of Report: 29 June, 2004

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