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Hysteric Blue

Name Instrument Date of Birth Place of Birth
Tama Vocal October 28, 1980 Osaka
Takuya Drums April 12, 1980 Osaka
Naoki Guitar May 29, 1979 Osaka

Hysteric Blue was formed in July 1997 by one girl, Tama, and two boys, Takuya and Naoki. They were still high school students at that time.

They started having live performances on the streets around Osaka castle and also at small music halls. Then, they started to make demonstration tapes and sent them to people who are concerned in the music world.

Then, one of the tapes was received by a famous music producer, Masahide Sakuma, who is known as a producer of big musicians such as GLAY and JUDY AND MARY.

This tape captured Mr. Sakuma's heart, and their debut decided rapidly. They made their debut with the first single "RUSH!" on October 31, 1998, only 3 months after they formed a band.

Their 2nd single "Haru-spring-", which was released on January 21, 1999, was a big hit, and they became one of the most popular groups in Japan.

Also after that, they kept on making a big hit, and their first appearance on 1999's Kouhaku Utagassen was decided.


  1. "RUSH!" (October 31, 1998)
  2. "Haru-spring-" (January 21, 1999)
  3. "Little Trip" (May 8, 1999)
  4. "Naze..." (July 28, 1999)
  5. "Futaribotchi" (October 20, 1999)


  • "baby Blue" (April 1, 1999)


  • "baby clips" (June 19, 1999)


  • "paper Blue" (November 30, 1999)

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    Reported by: Ayami Kawaguchi
    Data verified by: Sachika Kawamura
    Date of Report: December 1999

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