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Hotei Tomoyasu

Date of Birth February 1, 1962
Place of Birth Gunma

Hotei Tomoyasu formed a rock band,called "Boui", with Himuro Kyousuke, Matsui Tsunematsu, Fukazawa Kazuaki, Moroboshi Atsushi and Kimura Mamoru in 1981. Hotei was the guitarist. After that, Fukazawa, Moroboshi and Kimura withdrew. "Boui" recruited Takahashi Makoto after those three left, and changed the band name from "kanji" to the Roman alphabet "Boowy".

In March 1983, "Boowy" debuted with the album "Moral". They gathered popularity as the live band and became a NO.1 rock band. However, they declared dissolution at Shibuya public hall. They dissolved with a live broadcast, "Last Gigs", at Tokyo dome which had just been completed in April, 1988. "Boowy" had a short band life of 7 years, but became a band of fables.

Hotei Tomoyasu made his solo debut with the album "Guitarhithm" in 1988, after "Boowy" broke up, but he formed "Comprex" with Kikkawa Kouji in 1989. They did a special live broadcast at the Tokyo dome in 1990 and then took a break from the group.

In April 28, 1993, as soon as he released a CD and VTR of his live concert "Guitarhithm Wild", he suspended his activity.

In December 1993, he started to make a recording of a new single CD. "Surrender/Escape" was released on March 30.

In May 1994, he appeared in "Aoniyoshi". It was big session event. He co-stared with INXS and others. The best musicians in the world took off their hats to his ability as a guitarist.

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Reported by: Kouhei Mori
Data verified by: Tomoki Muroi
Date of Report: October 1998

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