Famous People in Japan

Hoshi Shinichi

Date of Birth 6 September 1926
Place of Birth Tokyo

Hoshi Shinichi is a Japanese SF writer. He is called the head of SF world. He was different from other writers. He wrote short stories. His works are filled with black humor, and his works are told with crueltry,nonsencical humor, satire.

He expressed cynically what happens to our future, moden life and people's true color and ambition. All his works end in obsucurity, so we readers can have different ideas about how the stories end.

He was born in Tokyo. He lived with grandparents. His grandfather liked to compose haiku poems, and grandmother was Ogai Mori's sister. Ogai Mori was a great Japanese writers. At first he never dreamed of becoming a writer, but he was affected his grandparents, so probably interested in writing a little.

He graduated from the department of agricuruture in Tokyo university, and then entered the grduate course and studied bacteria at a graduate school. After that he got a job as a president in his father's company. It's in 1952. His father founded a college of pharmacy, and made a phamaceutical company in his lifetime. He was also a member of the House of Councilors. His father died, so he took over a company. But gradually he was in financial difficulties and faced bad relationship in his company. Probably this caused him to write satirically. After turning his company over others, he met a 'Flying saucers research club' which had a big connection with a first SF book. By this way he entered SF world.

He married Japanese woman, Kayoko, and had two daughters. In 1958 the elder daughter was born, and In 1989 the second one was born.

Now, his way of writing was also different from others. In general writers writes from first to end. But he took notes when a good idea occured to him, and a deadline was coming, he chose some notes and by mixing some ideas he finished writing one story. He decided three rules: 1. Never use a proper noun. So he used Mr.N and Mr.S and so on. 2. Never write a murder scene and a love scene. 3. I'm sorry I don't know.

I really recommend his works.

References: some book written by Shinichi Hoshi

Reported by: Mari Ito
Data verified by: Mika Adachi
Date of Report: July 1998

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