Famous People in Japan

Hoshino Tomihiro

Date of Birth 24 April,1946
Place of Birth Gunma

Tomihiro Hoshino writes poems and draw pictures with the use of his mouth. A lot of people are moved by his books.

He was an active child and played in the mountains with his friends. He decided to be a teacher of physical training because he liked moving his body.

He graduated the health and physical education course of Gunma University and became a teacher of physical training at Kuragano Junior High School.

In 1970, he had an accident during his club activities, and he entered the hospital. He became unconscious for a long time, but he escaped death by a miracle. Instead, he lost the use of his limbs, and his weight became 35 kg. He tells that his life in the hospital was very hard. He suffered from his handicapped body.

In 1972, He began to write. He couldn't write at first, but he began to do that gradually. His body got better, and he left the hospital in 1979. He finally returned to his house.

In 1981, his first book was published. All his books sold well, and they have had a big impact on many people. A lot of school textbooksdeal with his works. Perhaps you won't believe that he writes by using his mouth. His books are very beautiful and powerful. You may learn something from it. For example, people can do anything if their) best. Anyway, you will get strength from his works.

He married in 1981. His wife has helped him since then. They have no children, but he says his works are their children.

In 1991, he opened an art museum in Gunma Prefecture. A lot of people have visited it since then. His influence has spread all over the world.

Published Books
Ai Fukaki Fuchi Yori January 1981
Kaze No Tabi January 1982
Kagininaku Yasashii Hanabana June 1986
Suzu No Naru Michi December 1986
Hayasa No Chigau Tokei April 1992
Anata No Tenohira April 1999

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Reported by: Erina Tanabe
Data verified by: Mitsuko Yamaguchi
Date of Report: December 2000
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