Famous People in Japan

Hiro Yamagata

Date of Birth 30 June, 1948
Place of Birth Shiga

Hiro Yamagata is well known to the world for his beautiful paintings. He was first interested in painting when he was in the elementary school and took a special art class in it after school every day. Then he studied under his high school art teacher, who is a Japanese-style painter. After his graduation, he went to Tokyo and had part-time jobs in the advertisement field, where his talent was recognized.

He is a passionate man. For example, he went to Paris chasing after his girlfriend. There he came to live a life through painting. He grew more and hold private exhibitions all over the world. Also he painted campaign posters for the Olympics.

He began to hold private exhibitions in Tokyo since 1984. Now we can see his exhibitions throughout Japan.

References: Yamagata Hiromichi Art Collection

Reported by: Miki Takae
Data verified by: Hisada Maiko
Date of Report: November 1995