Famous People in Japan

Hirayama Yuji

Date of Birth 23 February 1969
Place of Birth Tokyo

Hirayama Yuji is the most famous Japanese rock climber. He was born in Tokyo in 1969. When he was 15, he began to rock climbimg. Then he became one of the top climbers in Japan when he was 17. In 1998, he went to France and took part in an international competition for the first time. He couldn't win but he shows the audience his beautiful climbing.

Then, he moved to Europe in 1989 and in November of that year, he won the international cup in Germany and "rock master" which is the biggest international competition in Italy, too.

Also, he shows us his great ability of crack climbing. In 1996, he climb the Sphinx crack in Colorado on the first try, and in 1997, he climbed the Salathe Wall on the first try in Yosemite National Park, in the USA too. These are world records in history of climbing. And now, everyone in the world who rock climbs knows his name. In 1998, he married, and had a baby. And after taking a rest, he returned to Europe to take part in the World Cup in 1998. And he won.

References: "Freedom,the world of Hirayama, Yuichi (Freedom, Hirayama Yuji no sekai)" written by Kenji Iijima. "the January number of The Gakujin."

Reported by: Daigo Iwai
Verified by: Thomas Robb

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