Famous People in Japan

Hiraki Rika

Date of Birth 1971
Place of Birth Lebanon

Hiraki Rika is a famous tennis player. In June, 1997, her team won the mixed doubles at French Open Tennis Championship, one of the world championship. This is the first heroic deed for Japan.

She started to play tennis when she was in the first grade. She won national meets when she was a junior high school student. She competed in tennis tournament overseas at the age of 14. Then, she became professional when she was in Aoyama Gakuin University. After graduation, she joined NTT (the telephone company). She also plays tennis as a "Symbol player" of NTT.

However, she thought that she would not be professional player, because she wanted to study a lot of things at university and get a job. So, she turned in reports with the personal computer communication when she toured overseas. Now, she is a full-time worker on Monday and she works in the morning from Tuesday to Friday. She gets up at 4 o'clock, does running and goes to office at 8 o'clock. After leaving the office, she trains herself till about 11pm.

Still she thinks that she doesn't train herself so much. She always thinks that she is making an attempt on her life.

References: "JJ-February 1998"

Reported by: Maiko Aiba
Data verified by: Hitomi Imanishi
Date of Report: January 1998

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