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Himuro Kyosuke

Date of Birth October 7, 1960
Place of Birth Gunma

Himuro Kyosuke made his debut as BOOWY's singer in 1982. In 1987, he announced that he would dissolve BOOWY. Then he held the farewell concert at Tokyo dome. Many fans of BOOWY wanted tickets, so telephones were very busy. 95,000 tickets were sold out in only 10 minutes. They held two days of concerts, then they broke up in 1988.

Himuro started to sing by himself. He got a best-album award with his song "Flowers for Algernon". He has released nine albums, sixteen singles and seven videos. He's recorded huge sales, so he became the number one vocalist in Japan.

In 1995, he changed to the record company, "Poridol". And he established "Beat Nix". He released high quality videos to accompany his singles.

From 1997, Himuro has been working with the Grammy award-winning guitarist, Steve Stevens. Steve worked with Michael Jackson and Billy Idol. Himuro has been yearning after him for long time. It has been a successful collaboration. They produced a single, "Heat", and an album, "Idea".

The 10th year anniversary of his solo activity is in 1998. He released a best album "Collective Souls". Himuro didn't like to perform on TV, but he sang and talked on TV after eight years. Many fans had been waiting for it. From July to September, he started a concert tour "One Night Stand", after three and a half years. The stage was designed by Mark Fisher, a world famous architect.

Himuro lives in Los Angeles now. He has made friends with Richard who is designer of Chrome Hearts.

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Reported by: Sakamoto Koichi
Data verified by: Horie Yumi
Date of Report: October 1998

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