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Hikawa Kiyoshi

Date of Birth 6 September 1977
Place of Birth Fukuoka
Blood Type A
Real Name Yamada Kiyoshi

Hikawa Kiyoshi is a young Enka singer.

When he was a high school student in Fukuoka, he belonged to the Geinou Club and took lessons in singing. The reason why Kiyoshi decided to be an Enka singer is that old people in nursing homes listened to his songs with tears in their eyes when he visited them.

After graduation, he went to Tokyo to take lessons as an apprentice of an Enka composer, Mizumori Hideo. He served his apprenticeship for about three years.

He came out on 2 February 2000 with his single "Hakone Hachirino Hanjirou". He made a great hit with his first CD. He took part in Kohaku Utagassen in 2000.

He have a high popularity among elderly ladies. Of course he is liked by the young women, too.

Recently, he released a new single "Kiyoshi konoyoru" as KIYOSHI and it was produced by Kawamura Ryuichi. The song is not Enka but rather a pop song.

= Discography =

Year Singles
2000 "Hakone Hachirino Hanjirou"
(2 February)
"Matatabi Enka

(21 June)
"Hakone Hachirino Hanjiro"
(20 July)
"Matatabi Enka
Meikyokusen 2"

(21 October)
2001 "Ooi Okkake Otojirou
'Seisyun-hen' "

(21 February)
"Hikawa Kiyoshi
Enka Meikyoku Collection"

(21 June)
"Ooi Okkake Otojirou"
(17 March)
"Kiyoshi konoyoru"
(21 November)
"Hikawa Kiyoshi
Challenge Stage
in Nakano Sanpuraza"

(20 October)

References: "Hikawa Kiyoshi Official Home Page"

Reported by: Kubo Mayumi
Data verified by: Yoshikawa Misa
Date of Report: November 2001

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