Famous People in Japan

Hazama Kampei

Date of Birth 20 July 1949
Original Name Hazama Shigemi
Place of Birth Kochi

Hazama Kampei moved to Osaka from Kochi Pref, when he was in the sixth grade of elementary school. After experiences as a construction worker and a tile worker, he got a job in Yoshimoto Performance Company in 1970. His character of a complete fool has became popular ever since he became the leader of Yoshimoto Shin Kigeki (New Yoshimoto comedy) in 1974. He also has a hit comic song "Hirake Tulip." He is especially popular in the Kansai area.

In 1989 Kampei formed a pair with Shimada Youshichi who was the manzai dialogist of "B&B" which was once a very popular cross-talk pair. And they strove to make their way into Tokyo for the first time. His gags like "Kaiino" "Aheahe Uhihi" were well received there.

On the other hand, he is known as a long-distance runner, and he ran the entire Honolulu marathon. He even challenged the Spartathlon, run for 245 kilometers between Athens and Sparta. It moved the people that he ran between Kobe and Tokyo in the charity program "The 24 Hours TV" recently. He is the man who has two sides as a comedian and a runner of strong will.

In addition to these things he has developed many new technologies over the years, and its more recent ones have been introduced at its Technical Research Institute at Tsukuba including the HI-DW Diaphragm Wall system. References: Gendaijinmei Jiten, '94, Vol.3

Reported by: Gotou Yuki
Data verified by: Inagaki Akiko
Date of Report: November 1995

Updated by: Kayoko Tsuchikawa, May 1998

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