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Hayami Yuu

Date of Birth 2 Sep, 1966
Place of Birth Shizuoka

Yuu's hobbies are diving and gardening. Her father is the Jazz singer, Ryo Inoue.

When she was three years old, her parents were divorced. After then, she moved with her mother to Guam where her grandmother lived and her life with English began for her. She attended kindergarten there. When she was six years old, she returned to Japan alone to go to school. But six months later, she went back to Guam. The next year, 1974, she parted from her grandmother,and she went toward Honolulu with her mother. After three months later, her grandmother arrived in Honolulu and the life of three members started again.

During her life of Junior high school days, she enjoyed roller skating and jogging, on the other hand, she did a part time job as a baby sitter.

In August in 1980, she was scouted when shopping in Mitsukoshi Department Store in Hawaii. After then, she was auditioned to enter the world of entertainment two times in Waikiki Coast and Tokyo. She sang Momoe Yamaguchi's song. She was judged by her distinguished character and ability, and passed.

In March in 1981, she moved to Tokyo alone. She attended American school from her uncle's house. After school, she went to the public entertainment school of Sun Music. There, she was taught dancing and singing.

In October, her stage name "Yuu Hayami" was decided. November, she made her debut on TV, and in April of the next year, she debuted as a singer.

Her popularity has not changed, since her debut in 1982. She began to try not only singing but also actres

Also, in summit that was held in Brazil, 1992, she was elected as Japanese special representative for the community of entertainers and artists. Since then, she has grappled positively with problem concerning Earth Environmental Protect. In these days, she has radio program treats such problem.

Now, she is active as an artist and actress. Recently, she appears on the TV program "Hanamaru Market" and May 28, 2001, she gave birth to a child in California.

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Reported by: Yukari Uno
Data verified by: Hiroko Oohashi
Date of Report: January 2002

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