Famous People in Japan

Hata Tsutomu

Date of Birth 24 August 1935
Place of Birth Tokyo

Hata Tsutomu has been a member of the House of Representatives since 1969, and has run for the Diet from Nagano prefecture. After he graduated from Seijo University, he had worked on the Odakyuu bus company for about decade since 1958.

In 1969 Hata was elected for the first time. He served twice as the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries as of 1985. In 1991, he became the Finance Minister and he formed a new faction. When the House of Representatives dissolved, he formed the Renewal party (the Shinsei Party) and became the head of it.

After the end of Hosokawa administration, he was elected as the prime minister. However, the Social Democratic Party of Japan (SDP) refused to join the Cabinet from a policy dispute. Then, Hata administration become the minor party in political power. In 1994, because of it, a vote of no conformance in the cabinet was submitted, and Hata administration resigned in a body.

Then, Hata and Ichiro Ozawa formed a party again called the new Frontier Party. In 1996, Hata defeated n the election of the party President. Though he was about to leave the New Frontier Party, he held his mind. Now he is a member of the New Frontier Party and the House of Representatives.

References: "Nihon Jinmei Jitten"

Reported by: Tadashi Murakami
Date of Report: November 1996

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