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Hata Masanori

Date of Birth 17 April 1936
Place of Birth Fukuoka

Hata's father went to Manshu in China to qualified as a doctor, so Hata and his family went with him. He lived in Manshu in his boyhood, and lived through the Second World war.

In 1958, he graduated from the College of Science in Tokyo University. And then he became a postgraduate student of the same university, majored in motion physiology. At that time he got married Junko who had been his girlfriend since they were in junior high school students.

In 1961, he was engaged in Gakken Movie Production. He produced animal movies for education.

After he resigned that production, he became a writer. And in 1970, he decided to migrate from Tokyo to Kenbokki island which was an uninhabited one near Hokkido with Junko. Masanori's only daughter Asumi had took a temporary absence from her elementary school. Masanori was tired of living in the big city, and wanted Asumi to grow up in nature. So he moved there.

After a few staying in Kenbbokki, they finally lived in Hamanaka town, in Hokkaido. He bought immense land, and lived with many kind of animals. Beside of that, he wrote about his life. And he won Japan essay prize. Also in 1977, he was awarded Kikuchikan prize in his book, "Warera Dobutsu Mina Kyodai"(We are Animals and so We are Brothers and Sisters)

Now his land is bigger, he have more animals there, and more people who read his book live there. This is called "Dobutuookoku". He earns big money by his writings, so he could buy the land and animals. He also directed "Konekomonogatari". And sometime,he appears TV programs to comment on animals.

His works

References: "Nihon Jinmeijiten"

Reported by: Fumiko Tanaka
Data verified by: Maki Kobayashi
Date of Report: July 1998

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