Famous People in Japan

Hata Kei

Date of Birth 15 February 1962
Place of Birth Tokyo

Hata Kei graduated from Waseda University in 1984. She majored in French literature. After she graduated, she started to work at NHK broadcasting studio. First she took charge of NHK Guide.Then she started perfoming in "Nippon rettou asa ichiban" as a guide. In 1986, she took charge a morning news at seven on Saturdays and Sundays. She took charge many programs at NHK.

But suddenly she quit NHK and made a contract with Asahi television in 1989. In October, she started "The scoop" with Shuntaro Torigoe. Then she took charge of "530 station" and "Sunday project."

She went abroad to study to Paris from 1992 to 1993. After she came back Japan, she decided to announce her candidacy. She was elected to the member of the House of Councilors by proportional representation in 1995. But the next year, she left the political party that she had belonged to. After that, she joined the Liberal Denocratic Party. She continues political activities now. Because the mass media reported that she had an affair with Mr. Funada, she gave a bad impression recently.

She was named after "Erudorado Okei." Her parent's wanted her to flap her wings in the world because Erudorado Okei was the first non-governmental woman who had been to a foreign country.

Her hobbies are watching movies and appreciating paintings.

References: Terebi Tarento Jinmei Jiten (Dictionary of television entertainers) p777

Reported by: Satoh Naomi
Data verified by:
Date of Report: December 1998

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