Famous People in Japan

Hasegawa Machiko

Date of Birth 30 January 1920
Date of Death 27 May 1992
Place of Birth Saga

Hasegawa Machiko was famous as a cartoonist who drew a four-panel comic strip "Sazae-san". It was her masterpiece, and popular among all ages.

"Sazae-san" describes a Japanese family where three generations live together. It appeared in a series in the Asahi newspaper between 1949 and 1974. At that time, it was interesting as the caricature which described post-war life. In 1969, it began to be broadcast on television. In addition, it was also made into movies and teleplays.

Hasegawa Machiko remained single all her life. All her comic books were published by Shimai-sha which her sister ran. In 1985, Machiko opened her own art gallery and exhibited her original works. Even though she was sometimes hospitalized with a stomach ailment, she continued to draw the comic strip. After she died, she was awarded a posthumous prize by the Prime Minister. "Sazae- san" hasn't declined in popularity even after her death, on the contrary, it is still loved and read by many people.

Recently, Katuo, who is one character of Sazae-san, changed his voice. It was shocking to me.

References: Nihon Jyosei Jinmei Jiten, 1993, p.823-24

Reported by: Mika Kamei

Data verified by: Yuki Goto
Date of Report: November 1995
Updated by: Hiroo Tanaka, May 1998

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