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Hamasaki Ayumi

Date of Birth 2 October, 1978
Place of Birth Fukuoka, Kyushu
Real Name Hamasaki Ayumi

Hamasaki Ayumi is a very popular singer among the young Japanese. People are attracted by her clear voice and lyrics. She appears on commercials a lot such as those for JT drinks. Her fashion and a hair style are often imitated by young women.

She has gone to New York to receive vocal lessons many times. She was very anxietous at first, but she was encouraged by the children in America with all their might. Since she came back in Japan, she have written the lyrics to her song by herself.

She writes the lyrics only Japanese, because she wants to tell her mind honesty. There are no lies and imaginary things in her lyrics.

In 1998, her first single "poker face" released. Her first album "A song for xx" had a good sale, she suddenly, got popular. The 7th single "Love-destiny" and 9th single "Boy's & Girl's " in 1999 appeared the first on orikon-ranking.

The latest album "Loveppears" was released on 10 November in 1999. It includes many hit songs. Most of her fans are high school girls who are trying to remember her songs to sing at studios.


  1. Poker face
  2. YOU
  3. Trust
  4. For My Dear
  5. Depend on you
  7. LOVE"Destiny"
  8. TO BE
  9. Boy's & Girls
  10. A
  11. appears


  1. A Song for x x
  2. ayu-mi-x
  3. LOVEppears

References: http://www.bea.hi-ho.ne.jp/yutamiru/ayu2/index.html
Reported by: Tomoko Tanida
Date of Report: November 1999

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