Famous People in Japan

Hamada Shigeo

Date of Birth November 12th 1963
Place of Birth Nishinomiya

Shigeo is a designer, calligrapher, singer, essayist, novelist, photographer, music writer, and painter. He was born in Nishinomiya on November 12th 1963. His name means "A man never outside (safe)" Therefore when Shigeo is written in kanji, we can read it "safe".

He majored in industrial arts at Kyoto Hiyoshigaoka High School. In 1983 he went to France and held his fifth fashion show in Paris. In 1988 he succeeded to his father's fish shop "Uotake". In 1992 in Soho New York he was arrested for writing "Fu - (wind)"for 3 kilometers.

From April 1st 1993 to May 16th 1994 he moved 13 times all over Tokyo and he wrote his experiences in a book, "Tokyo Jushofutei (No address in Tokyo)". .

In 1998 he married Ootsuka Nene who is an actress. They collaborated on "Tora to Hana (A Tiger And a Flower)". It is a book of photographs and poems. In April 1999 she gave birth to a baby who was named Shigetora

References: Tokyo Joshofutei

Reported by: Akiko Kogame
Data verified by: Kaori Ejima
Date of Report: November 1999
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