Famous People in Japan

Hamada Shogo

Date of Birth 29 December 1952
Place of Birth Hiroshima

Hamada Shogo is a talented singer-song writer. He has many hit songs, in which he sang his youthful days. He is very popular especially among men.

When he was young, because he was affected by Bob Dylan and the Beatles he decided to make music his life, quitting Kanagawa University. In 1975 he made his debut as one of the back band members of Takuro Yoshida. At that time he was in charge of the drums. And in the next year he made his solo debut by making the album, "Umaretatokorowo Tokuhanarete".

Then every one of his albums has made a hit. Especially from his sixth album, "Kimiga Jinseinotoki", to his tenth album, "Promise Land", they all sold over 2,000,copies. The commercial song, "Kazewo Kanjite" in his sixth album was very popular.

He does not appear on TV very much, because he attaches importance to his concerts. Now he continues to sing, which he shows the mind of men gently just like his message.

References: The Gendai Jinmei Jiten

Reported by: Takeuchi Asako
Data verified by: Minoura Yumi
Date of Report: December 1996

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