Famous People in Japan

Hamada Masatoshi

Date of Birth 11 May 1963
Place of Birth Hyougo

Hamada Masatoshi is a famous Japanese comedian. When he was in elementary school, he met Matsumoto Hitoshi who is his partner. They joined Yoshimoto Kogyo and made "Down town". His part is "Tsukkomi" and Matsumoto's part is "Boke". They were popular in Osaka, so they advanced to Tokyo.

They have many programs in Tokyo. For example, "Hey Hey Hey!!" and "Gakinotsukaiya Arahende". His action that he lightly hits head and says "nandeyanen" has become a fad in Japan. Many children imitates him. What he said is tense, but everyone likes him very much because his character is good.

And he is not only comedian but also a actor. He plays many dramas. For example, "Papatonacchan", "ADbugi", "zyuunenai" "Oretachiniasugaaru" and "Ryoumagaiku". His acting is very good. He can play many parts.

And he is also musician. In 1995 for the first time he released CD, "War War Tonight" produced by Komuro Tetsuya which became a million seller. Then "Going Going Home" "Friendship" was released. And in 1997 he released "HaruwaMadaka" produced by Okuda Tamio. People feel easy when they hear his songs. His four CDs are selling very well.

On December 20, 1995, he published a book, the title of which is "Yome!". He summarized the magazine, "Zyoseizisin" that had his many comments. It is selling very well. He is a good writer.

References: Gendai Nihon Zinmeiroku

Reported by: Itsumi Asako
Data verified by: Tsuchikawa Kayoko
Date of Report: July 1998

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