Famous People in Japan

Hakase Taro

Date of Birth 1 January 1968
Place of Birth Osaka

Hakase Taro is one of the most famous violinists in Japan. He started to have violin lessons when he was four years old. While he was first and second grade in high school, he played the violin with Kyoto symphony orchestra. When he was third grade, he won the highest award of Yugoslavia International Music Festival. While he was a student of Tokyo Art University, he met two persons, Takeshita Yoshinobu and Saito Tsunetoshi, and he formed his own band named Kryzler and Kompany with them. He played an active in the band as a violinist. After he broke up the band in 1995, he started peforming solo. He has already been active around the world. At last he made his debut in America he had wished for so long. Now he is active not only as a violinist but also as a music producer. And he also shows a talent as a painter, he has held exhibitions of his own works three times.

Reported by: Yukari Nishiyama
Data verified by: Kashimura Aya
Date of Report: November 1999

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