Famous People in Japan

Haga Kenji

Date of Birth 3 August 1963
Place of Birth Okinawa
Real name Miyata Kenji

Kenji Haga (36) is a famous actor and entertainer in Japan. After he graduated from Okinawa Prefectural Tambara high school, he joined the Terauchi company, which produces TV personalities. He also learned under Terauchi Takeshi, who is a famous producer. Since then, he has used his professional name, Haga Kenji.

He is familiar with us as a entertainer on the television programs. He fell in love with Umemiya Anna(26), who is a fashion model in Japan, He was good on terms with her.

Firstly, they wanted to marry, and everyone thought so. However, her father, Tatsuo Umemiya, objected to their marriage partly because Haga had a lot of debt. Therefore, Haga promised to show Seii to him. Seii means good faith in Japanese. That is to say, Haga wanted her father to trust him. Thanks to his good faith, her father seemed to agree to their marriage at one time.

However, Kenji and Anna broke up recently, because she doubted in his sincerity and doesn't want her parents to have trouble with money, when this topic attracted public attention. In the end, this story became widely known in Japan by television.

In conclusion, he has to decrease his debt so that Anna trusted him

References: Yahoo Japan, Newspapers

Reported by: Data verified by: Hirona Tamaki
Date of Report: October 1999
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