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Name KEIKO Mark Komuro Tetsuya
Date of Birth August 18, 1972

February 27, 1970

November 27, 1958
Place of Birth Oita



Keiko is a principal vocalist of "globe". She is in good high voice. Komuro Tetsuya writes the words and composes their own songs. Marc sings and raps with Keiko, and often writes the words. Their songs are used on TV dramas, and on commercials. "FACE" was used on "Kanojotachi-no-Kekkon", and "Wanderin' Destiny" was used on "Aoi-Tori". "Departures" and "Can't Stop Fallin' Love" was used on the commercial of 'JR'. Their words are powerful and cheerful. And both of the two songs have good words and appeal to women's hearts.

Komuro Testuya organized TMN with Utsunomiya Takashi and Kine Naoto in 1983. Then, Komuro released a solo single CD and offered other artist musics. In 1994, they dissolved TMN. After that, he has been being devoted to production of musics. Komuro Tetsuya manages many people and groups, for example, Kahara Tomomi, Amuro Namie, hitomi, TRF (TK Rave Factory), Hamada Hitoshi(DOWN TOWN). Most of his productions become million-sallers, including those of "globe". Their first album CD "globe" is more popular than their second CD "Faces Places" and their third CD "Love Again".

Keiko was an office lady before she became a singer. Komuro Tetsuya held an audition for women who wanted to be a singer. She took part in the audition, and she was selected. Then, she could be a member of "globe" as a vocalist. I heard when she took the audition, she fell over the stage. So, she caught Komuro's attention.

Mark was a model in "Men's non-no". (It's a fashionable magazine for boys.) He challenged writing the words and composition for the first time when he composed "So far away from home (Beautiful Journey)

They debuted their first single CD "Feel Like dance", August 10th ,in 1995. Then they became famous more and more famous.

Keiko often changes her hair style and color. When they released "Face", her hair color was fairhair. When they released "Wanderin' Destiny", her hair was blue and she had her hair cut. And when they released "Love Again", her hair was orange.

They held first concert at four domes, in Osaka, Tokyo, Fukuoka and Nagoya in 1997. Over 250,000 people attended the concerts. Their concert was powerful. The keyboard that Komuro had gave out light and it broke a piano that was hanging in the air. He gave away the keyboard or a harmonica that he played at the concerts.

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Reported by: Mizutani Yuuko
Data verified by: Matsuo Yuko
Date of Report: July 1998

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