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(Kobashi Teruhiko)
8 June 1971 Hokkaido
Kubo Takuro 26 May 1971 Hokkaido
Tonomura Hisashi 2 February 1972 Aomori
(Wayama Yoshihito)
17 October 1972 Hokkaido

GLAY is a group consisting of four members.

Takuro, the leader of this group, play the guitar. He mainly composes.His father died when he was three years old.

Teru is the vocalist. At first he was a guitarist. He sings some songs very well. It seems that his relatives are good at singing songs. He was very popular since he is high school student.

Hisashi is the guitarist. He was born in Aomori. But he moved to Hokkaido a few years later. He made a band when he was seventeen years that was called "Ari". Then he met Takuro.

Jiro is the bassist. He only entered GLAY after they went to Tokyo. So he is their junior member. He was asked to help them by Takuro.

They debuted at the single "Rain" that Yoshiki ( X Japan ) produced in 1994. In 1996 they became very popular by "Glorious" or "Beloved". Then they held a concert at Budokan. It was their dream. In 1997 "However" was released. The album "Reaview" including "However" is sold. It has sold more than 5 millions copies.

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References: "Hakodatemonogatari"

Reported by: Kobayashi Maki
Data verified by: Kawahara Kayo
Date of Report: July 1998

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