Famous People in Japan

Furuuchi Toko

Date of Birth 1 November 1972
Place of Birth Tokyo

Furuuchi Toko is my favorite singer. "Dare-yori-suki-nanoni" is her best song for me. Her songs are very soft and warm. She was born in a very rich family. Her father didn't want her to be a singer, but she became a singer anyway. She sent a demo which she and her sister made together, and this lead to her becoming a singer and a songwriter. She made her debut in 1993. Her first single was "Hayaku-isoide", and her first album was "Slow Down". There are other singles, "Hikari-to-kage-no-romansu", "Daijoubu", and albums, "Hug", "Strength", "Hour glass", "KoI". After that, she became a success, so her father has changed his mind now.

She is making a new record now. There are many songs which have words connected with love, but most of these are unrequited love songs. She says that these are real-life stories.

She played at the school festival at Kansai University of Foreign Studies last year. Those tickets were sold out.

She is more popular among women than men, and most popular among teen-agers. There are not so many of her fans who are older than she .

References: "The biographical dictionary(Jinmei-jiten)"

Reported by: Kitagawa Naho
Data verified by: Kaori Morimoto
Date of Report: July 1998

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