Famous People in Japan

Fukuyama Masaharu

Date of Birth 6 February 1969
Place of Birth Nagasaki

First, Masaharu Fukuyama presented the single, "In the remembrance rain" on 21 March, 1990. But, at that time, he wasn't known well and didn't have money at all because this single didn't sell well. His first work didn't succeed.

After that, he gathered all the songs which he had ever made and made the first album, "Message" on 21 April, but this album also didn't succeed. He also presented the single, "Access", and became famous because the song was used on Victor's commercial.

He also broadcasted "All Night Nippon" on Nippon radio station every Thursday midnight. This is the radio program that Japanese famous talents broadcast and has kept for more than twenty years and may be the most famous radio program in Japan.

And he has kept composing singles and albums and also presented many videos, and came to be known well.

He presented the best selling single on 21 May, 1992, "Good Night". He also performed in "How about Love?" as a actor and this song was used in this program.

He kept writing and singing songs, while he began to appear on TV and radio programs.

In 1993, he performed in "Under one roof" and presented the singles ("MELODY", "All My Loving" and "My Lover") one after another and all of them sold very well and used in commercials and TV programs. He also gathered them and presented his best selling album, "Calling".

Finally, he appeared on "Kohaku Utagassen" which is a famous music program that takes place on New Year's Eve. The singers who can appear on it are first-class.

In 1995, he releases the album "M-Collection I'm looking for wind" with all the singles which he had ever made. He is currently a radio personality at an FM radio station in Tokyo.

References: Fukuyama Masaharu Collection Of Discography with the album, "M-Collection I'm looking for wind" by SONY

Reported by: Matsumoto Shinji
Data verified by: Izawa Motonari
Date of Report: November 1995
Updated by: Yuki Hattori October, 1997

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