Famous People in Japan

Fukada Kiyoko

Date of Birth 2 November 1982
Place of Birth Tokyo

Fukada Kiyoko is very beautiful girl. She was the winner of "pure girl audition". The first drama which she appeared was "FIVE", the next was "Kaikyo", the third is "Sore Ga Kotae Da". But I didn't know she appeared in these drama, because her features were different from now.

I first saw her on TV in "Kamisama Mousukoshi Dake". In the drama she was the heroin, and she co-stared with Takeshi Kaneshiro who is the most popular actor now. Recently, he appeared in the movie which "Fuyaziyou". I thought her performance was better than him, watching this drama.

Nevertheless now she is sixteen years old, her part was lady who was about twenty years old, but she acted it very well.

In the drama, she got AIDS. And she loved Takeshi. He also loved her. They had baby, then her body went bad. They married in a church, Her baby waited alone in the another place. She went to the baby, The baby dropped from the bed. She helped the baby, and she died, then the baby cried.

I was impressed by her performance. I think she will be very great actress.

Recently, she appeared in a commercial message for a video game.

References: Home page: http://fc.infocity.co.jp/special/fukada02/index.html (in Japanese).

Reported by: Tanaka Hiroo
Data verified by: Narui Ayumu
Date of Report: July 1998

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