Famous People in Japan

Fujiwara Norika

Date of Birth 28 June 1971
Place of Birth Kobe

Norika Fujiwara is an actress. Her father loved a martial art. So she was initiated into it by him since her childhood. She is famous as an enthusiastic "K-1" fan. (K-1 is simply the most exciting martial arts fighting tournament in the entire world.) And she, herself, also likes training a her body. She goes to a sports club and does an exercise (swimming, jogging and so on.) as part of her daily routine.

When she was a university student, she started work as a fashion model. She put in the dust jacket of fashion magazines "JJ" or "CAN CAN" and gravures. She was active as a popular model.

In 1992, She received "Miss Japanese Grand Prize". Then, She came to Tokyo to enter the entertainment world.

In 1996, she played the part of the chair woman of TV program "SRS". It was the program on martial art. Her work that has brought the author fame is "Love generation", "Sore ga kotaeda!" (It is the answer!), "News no onna "WITH LOVE" and "Happy mania".

Every man and woman aspires to her beauty and her beauty style. But on the other hand, she is very frank. This is one reason why she is loved by everyone.

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Reported by: Takahashi Nayumi
Data verified by: Morishita Eri
Date of Report: November 1998

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