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Name Date of Birth Place of Birth
Toshihumi Fujimoto 8 March 1970 Osaka
Takayuki Haranishi 24 September 1969 Osaka

FUJIWARA is the comedy group that is now popular with many people in the Kansai area. The members of FUJIWARA are Toshihumi Fujimoto, Takayuki Haranishi. They are from Neyagawa, Osaka.

When they were in the third year of high school, they got to know each other. After they entered NSC which is a school for performance, they organized FUJIWARA on April 1st, 1989. They were in the eigth grade in NSC. There was Nichome-Gekijo near the Dotonbori river three years ago which was an indispensable stage for young comedy groups..

A group was organized which was made of FUJIWARA, Ninety Nine, Buffalo Gorou, Ameagari Kessitai, and Hebiitigo. They were organized in 1993 as Tennen Sozai, a large comedy association, in which FUJIWARA and the other groups belonged

In 1996, Tennen Sozai was dissolved. After that, FUJIWARA got their own TV program. It is named Yoshimoto-chogokin and very popular with many people in Kansai area now.


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Reported by: Yuji Ikegami
Data verified by: Daigo Iwai
Date of Report: December 2000
Updated by: Kayoko Ishihama, May 1998

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