Famous People in Japan

Fujii Fumiya

Date of Birth 11 July, 1962
Place of Birth Kurume city, Fukuoka

Fujii Fumiya is a popular singer in Japan. He was a band man since he was in high school. He formed a band named "Checkers" in 1980 in which he was a vocal. In 1980, Checkers made its debut with "Giza-giza Heart no Komori Uta". In the year of debut, they sold 4,300,000 singles and 2,500,000 LPs. Their songs have been big hits since then. Their hit work is "Namida no request". He also appeared on TV drama, movie "TAN TAN Tanuki", "SONG FOR U.S.A", the stage "Love Letters". At the end of 1992, Checkers dissolved.

He continues to sing solo after Checkers dissolved. His hit works as a soloist are "True love", "Another Orion" . In 1997, he also formed Duo "F-BLOOD" with his brother, Naoyuki.

Moreover, he is active in other field. He draws buildings and interiors. He held a private exhibition "FUMIYART".

References: Gendai Nihon Jinmei-roku'98

Reported by: Kamiwakida Ryoko
Data verified by: Takamura Miho
Date of Report: December 1998

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