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KOHSHI 22 April 1977 Saitama vocal
KEIGO 1 July 1977 Tokyo vocal
TAKE 31 August 1978 Saitama guiter
GOT'S 26 January 1977 Niigata bass
IWASAKI 21 November 1969 Osaka drum

There are five members in FLOW. First, kohshi and take are brothers. The group started with only the two brothers band activity.They are finally formed as FLOW in 1998.

Then, they composed original songs. After ward, keigo and gots are joined FLOW in 1999. There are four members. In 2000, iwasaki is joined FLOWs member, and this is present FLOW member. They published that hoped for 1st maxi single "FLOW#0"in 2001. FLOWs concert is run over energy band sound. When you are listening to FLOWs music, your body will be pulse unconsciously, because, FLOWs attraction have such melody. And now, FLOW spread event and concert nationally.

In Junuary,2003 they imtating kaientai an old Japanese group,singing "okuru kotoba".This songs made the great dreams. And,they were famous for FLOW.

Here is a list of them songs.


SPLASH!!!--harukanaru jisyuseisakuBEST albumIn July,2003
brasstersingleIn September
dreamexpresssingleIn February,2004
ShootingStar/syarirarasingleIn April
GO!!!singleIn April
GAMEoriginal albumIn May,2004
FLOW is still growing up!

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Reported by: Yuuko Fujita
Date of Report: July 2004

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