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Member Date of Birth Place of Birth
Sato Shinnji 16 February 1966 Tokyo
Motegi Kinnichi 15 Desember 1967 Tokyo
Kashiwabara Yuzuru 20 Desember 1968 Tokyo

Fishmans are music artists.

Fishmans were formed on 1987. At first they were five people in the group. They were playing reggae music.

But Fishmans were only three people on 1991. Members are Sinnji Sato, Kinnichi Motegi, and Tuzuru Kashiwabara.

They have played dab sound since they played gkuutyuu- camph on 1996. Dab sound is quit and slowly. Fishmans is the first band which sang the music mixed in dab sound and polaris. Boice of Sato is miraculously audible. But his voice and dab sound is suited very much. We feel new sound about Fishmans music.

On 1998, when they played gyurameki-In The Airh ,Kashiwabara left of this group.

And on 15 march on 1999 about PM 4:00 sinnji Sato that was vocal and write songs died. Then his age was 33.

Now Kashiwabara forms a new band with someone else and is playing an active part.



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Reported by: Asami Shinokita
Data verified by: Rie Hattori
Date of Report: July 2004

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