Famous People in Japan

Esumi Makiko

Date of Birth 18 December 1966
Place of Birth Shimane

Esumi Makiko is a famous actress and popular among the young women in Japan. She has been a fashion magazine model since 1991.

She used to be a professional volleyball player but she hurt her shoulder in volleyball practice. And she was in hospital in a few month. But thanks to nurse's advice, she become a model in 1991. She was scouted and became an actress.

In 1995, she appeared on drama "Kagayake Rintaro". The same year, she appeared in the film "Maboroshi no Hikari". Now (1998) she appears on drama "Shomuni" and many commercials such as "Five-Mini", Shiseido "Optune" and Nissan "Wing Road".

In 1996, She got married with Kirishima Roland who was a cameraman, but they soon divorced. Now she is dating Takeda Shinji.

She has kept her nice body and smooth skin since the time when she was a model. She has a strong personality and does not hesitate to say her opinions. References: Nichigai-Associates

Reported by: Morishita Eri
Data verified by: Takahashi Nayumi
Date of Report: June 1998

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