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Every Little Thing

Member Date of Birth Place of Birth
Mochida Kaori 24 March 1978 Tokyo
Igarashi Mitsuru 17 May 1969 Tokyo
Itou Ichirou 17 November 1967 Tokyo

Every Little Thing is a group consisting of two men and a woman, Igarashi Mitsuru, Itou Ichirou and Mochida Kaori. Igarashi is the pianist, Itou, the guitarist and Mochida, vocalist.

In 1994 when Mochida, who wanted to become a singer, called at a record company, she met Igarashi who worked there. It was a fateful encounter. Igarashi asked his university friend, Itou to form a music group and they practiced every day. On August 7, 1996 they made their debut with "Feel My Heart". As her beautiful voice gave a fresh surprise and deep emotion to everyone, they won popularity. In October, they released the second record, "Future world". Then they released many records. And the eighth one "Time goes by" made a big hit (More than 1,100,000 records were sold) and by this song, they became popular with people of all ages.

In 1998 for the first time they gave a concert in 22 places. Their fan were impressed by their individual and affectionate performance. The concert drew an audience in the tens of thousand. Thanks to the concert, they have grown up.

Now, Mochida is a fashion leader. Young girls yearn for her clothes and imitate her hair style. And she performs a TV commercial and takes an active part in many aspects such as music and variety programs as well as TV commercial.

Igarashi writes the words and sets the songs to music. When he was a university student, he united a band because he wanted to make his debut. Every one impressed with his song. Itou is unique because he always says many jokes and mimics many people. He pleases the group members and their fans.

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Reported by: Itsumi Asako
Data verified by: Tsuchikawa Kayoko
Date of Report: July 1998

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