Famous People in Japan

Dreams Come True

Name Instrument Date of Birth Place of Birth
Nakamura Masato bass October 1, 1958 Tokyo
Yoshida Miwa vocals May 6, 1965 Hokkaido
Nishikawa Takahiro keyboard May 26, 1964 Hokkaido

Dreams Come True formed in January, 1988 and they made their debut record on March 21st, 1989. The album title was "Dreams Come True," and it was an instant success. Their songs are used by TV dramas and movies. Dreams Come True have the great support of everyone.

Reported by: Emi Moribe, Takiko Mouri, Eri Yanagawa, Seiko Yamada
Date of Report: October 1996

The authors are first-year students at Aso Foreign Language Travel College in Fukuoka, Japan. Comments and suggestions should be sent to their teacher, Bill Pellowe, who will forward messages to them.

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