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Dragon Ash

Name Part Date of Birth Place of Birth
Kenji Furuya Vocal & Guitar February 9, 1979 Tokyo
Makoto Sakurai Drums February 7, 1979 Tokyo
Ikuzo Baba Bass November 1, 1965 Tokyo
DJ BOTS Turntable May 30, 1965 Tokyo

Dragon Ash is a very popular music group. It was formed in 1996 by Kenji Furuya, Makoto Sakurai and Ikuzo Baba. Then, DJ BOTS joined them in January,1999. They released the 1st mini album, "The Day dragged on" in February,1997. At that time Kenji and Makoto were high school students. The 2nd mini album was "PUBLIC GARDEN" and "RealismII" in this album was used for a theme song of "sports sports", a TV program. After their 3rd maxi single "Let yourself go, Let myself go" was released we could often listen to the song on the radio. They had begun to be popular little by little since then. In May 1999, they released two maxi singles at the same time. They were "Grateful Days" and "I LOVE HIP HOP". "Grateful Days" became the best seller song in their all songs.

Kenji Furuya writes lyrics and composes of all songs. He has a strong personality and it influences their music. He also appears on TV dramas and movies. He is a son of a famous actor, Ikko Furuya.

Makoto Sakurai takes drums which is a very important part in Dragon Ash sounds. He has been a friend of Kenji since he was a junior high school student. Before he became a member of Dragon Ash, he belonged an another band.

Ikuzo Baba has played a bass for more than 10 years. He passed an audition and joined Dragon Ash in 1996. He is familiar with many kinds of music, folk, rock'n roll, new wave, and so on.

DJ BOTS has been a friend of Kenji since he was a high school student. Before he joined Dragon Ash in 1999, he had supported Dragon Ash in their concerts and recordings.





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Reported by: Eri Ikeda
Date of Report: November, 1999

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