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Doumoto Kouichi

Date of Birth 1 January 1979
Place of Birth Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture

Doumoto Kouichi comes from Hyogo Prefecture, Kansai area. He and another member belong to a group "KinKi Kids" because both of them come from Kinki. His partner's name is (Doumoto Tsuyoshi), they have the same surnames, but they have no blood relation at all. KinKi Kids is a music group, but sometimes they're mistaken as comedian because they make people laugh with their words. Everyone likes their styles so much.

Kouichi is known as "Prince on The White Horse" in Japan entertainment industry. He's 168.4 centimeters tall, and weighs 55 kilograms. He has soft and nice dyed hair. He often gets his styles changed. He has a pair of innocent and brown eyes, and these eyes are the most attractive part of his appearance, according to his fans.

Kouichi likes to be in places where he can find himself feeling peacefully. He loves futon and sometimes he falls asleep there instead of his bed. His hobbies are the following: F1, driving, and on ponies. His image as "Prince on The White Horse" seems really fit him. He likes to go to ranch and spends time with the ponies, or rides horses.

Besides that, he also wants to do other things beside working in entertainment industry. He wants to work in gasoline stand (because he really likes cars), a motorcycle's courier (because he likes to drive one, he said it will be great if he becomes a postman and he can use motorcycles to help his works), or work part-time in a food shop (he said it's interesting). Kouichi is known as a big fan of cars, including F1, which has been his favourite since child. Nowadays, he has some cars which he bought all by himself. And for his goal in working at food shop, it's kinda impossible now, since he's really busy with his schedules. But with his variety program "Pikaichi", he has done many challenge things which are really interesting and he's happy with that.

Kouichi also likes cats. He really wants to keep some in his home, but it's not possible because he has allergy to them. He said having doraemon will be nice too, if only it really exists. But his partner, Doumoto Tsuyoshi, seems like dogs better. Kouichi likes to play with Tsuyoshi's dog, too. Kouichi likes some fruits which are juicy, such as peaches, bananas, and melons.

So far, he has done many jobs including dramas, CMs, singles, albums, and many more. One of popular variety shows is "Love Love Aishiteru" where he and Tsuyoshi became the regular hosts with Yoshida Takuro and Shinohara Tomoe. But this show was finished on 31 March 2001. The replacement is a new variety show "Doumoto Brothers" which has been started since 10 April 2001. KinKi Kids and Gackt become the regular hosts of this new show, it's a good show where KinKi Kids will hide their real identities and it's about them being street musicians with the name "Doumoto Ayumu" (Kouichi) and "Doumoto Susumu" (Tsuyoshi). Others variety shows of Kouichi is "Pikaichi", it's a challenging show. Kouichi as "Pikaichi" will try many things to do and he'll try to get any license there.

He also hosts many programs like "Pop Jam", a weekly broadcasted music show in NHK Hall. He has been the regular host with Kubo Junko since 1 April 2000. He sometimes sings his solo too in this show. He also did 2 musicals so far, including "MASK" (1999) and "Millennium Shock" (2000). The musical "Millennium Shock" was performed by him, and some others Johnny's talents, and it was succesful, so it will be shown in 3 consecutive years until 2002. Besides those wonderful works, he has done quite lots of dramas, "Ningen Shikkaku", "Wakaba No Koro", "Bokura No Yuuki - Miman Toshi" (in these dramas, he roled with Tsuyoshi, too), "Harmonia - Kono Ai No Hate", "P.S. Genki desu, Shunpei", "Tenshi Ga Kieta Machi" and the latest was "Rookie!" which was finished on 26 June 2001.

He has lots of CMs (commercials), too. But mostly he works in CM as KinKi Kids, the latest is the CM for Morinaga Chocolate Jumbo. He also has some CMs which he works alone, such as "Hi-C Time". It's supplement product for women, so it was shocking when the news said that he becomes the image of this product. But since he becomes the image, the products sale scales improves.

Until now, KinKi Kids has released 12 singles since their debut on 1997, and 5 albums including A Album, B Album, C Album, the album of their single selections called "KISS", and D Album. They also have the "KISS Karaoke" which contains the similar songs with "KISS" but all are karaoke versions. Their new album "E Album" will be released on 25 July 2001. They also release some videos, such as their concert videos and clips. Besides these stuffs, they released some books and the latest was "Doumoto Mode" on October 2000.

KinKi Kids is not only popular in Japan, but also in many countries. For little example, they're very popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and they had 2 concert tours in both places on 2000 and 2001. The 2001 concert tour is "Asian Tour 2001 KinKi Kids Returns! at Hong Kong & Taiwan". They will release a photobook for Asian Tour 2001 on 5 August 2001, and the video and DVD will be released soon on 5 September 2001.

The latest news said that Kouichi wrote song "LOVE together" for Johnny's Junior new unit "ING Shinkoukei" and the new unit has appeared in Music Station to perform this song.

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Reported by: Shimabukuro Michiko
Date of Report: July 2001

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