Famous People in Japan

Doumoto Kouichi

Date of Birth 1 January 1979
Place of Birth Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture

He is one hundred and sixty-seven centimeters tall. He weighs forty-nine kilograms. His blood type is B. He is slender. Also he has soft hair. When he smiles, his eyes make him look very innocent.

Koichi's favorite things are the following: First are the places where he can calm himself. They are in futons (he says all he has to do to calm himself is getting into one); in the bath, and on ponies.

Second is the part-time jobs he wants to try. They are an assistant at the gasoline stand (because he likes cars), a motorcycle courier (because he likes to drive motorcycles), and a clerk at a fast food shop (because he thinks it might be interesting).

Third is the pets he wants to keep. They are a small cat, a medium cat, and a big cat. He seems to love cats. He also says that Draemon is good too, if it really exists. While his partner Domoto Tsuyoshi loves dogs.

The fourth is the fruits he likes. They are peaches, melons, and bananas (because they are juicy).

The last is how to spend his holidays. They are sleeping (this is natural, he said), riding ponies, and keeping the world peace (?!). On the whole he likes cars, fruits, and cats.

He sings, dances, makes people laugh, appears on TV programs or in movies. His birthday is January the first. He is from Ashiya city in Hyogo. He works with his partner, whose name is Domoto, too. Their group name is "Kinki Kids". It came from their home region. Both of them are from Kinki.

They are singers, but they are often mistaken as comedians. That is because they are good at making people laugh, cracking jokes, and speakng with a Kansai accent. Everyone likes their style very much.

He appeared in a drama. The drama's name was "Wakaba-no-koro (the seasons of young leaves)". The theme song was "FRIENDS" (sung by Kinki Kids). One of their albums includes "FRIENDS" (1.Rocks 2.Mystery which starts from the kiss 3.Tell me 4.I think 5.Please notice the painful love 6.DISTANCE 7.Not alone 8.That girl is So Fine 9.FRIENDS 10.Tayori-ni-sitemasse).

Koichi and Tsuyoshi, Kinki Kids achieved their debut with the single "The boy of glass" and the album "A album" in June of 1997. After that, all their songs became hits. There are two other singles, "Aisareru-yori-aishitai(I want to love rather than be loved) and "Jetcoaster romance".

References: The magazine "Duet"

Reported by: Tsutsumi Mie
Data verified by: Okuda Chika
Date of Report: July 1998

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