Famous People in Japan

Domoto Tsuyoshi

Date of Birth 10 April 1979
Place of Birth Nara

Domoto Tsuyoshi is member of the Kinki Kids, a Japanese pop music group. He is an actor and singer. He is good at basketball. He likes Doraemon (an animation character) and hamburg steak and animals very much.

When he was a schoolboy (in 5th grade of elementary school), his older sister secretly sent his personal history to Johnny's Office, a Juries Talent Agency office. He was invited to Hikaru-genji's concert by Johnny's Office. There, he met Domoto Kouichi, who was also invited. Domoto Kouichi soon became his partner.

They leapt to fame through the TV drama "Ningen-sikkaku". Tsuyoshi appeared on the stage drama "Kindaichi-syonen-no Jikenbo", and rose in popularity still more. Then he appeared on many TV programs including their own Kinki Kids program. They sing songs on TV. Their CD have sold well.

References: First Shasinsyu "Get the Kinki"

Reported by: Mariko Hatahashi and Misa Fujita
Updated by: Aya Uhara,May 1998

Date of Report: October 1996

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