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Doi Takako

Date of Birth 30 November 1928

"Yarukkyanai!"(In English, "Just Do It!").

In 1986, Doi Takako took up her post as the chairwoman of the Socialist Party with these words. It was a first time that woman got the post. At once, the news spread out, and she was watched by media.

She graduated from a postgraduate course of Doshisha University. From 1963 to 1968, she was a lecturer at Kansei Gakuin University and Seiwa Women's university. In 1969, she became a politician.

She was fresh, sunny disposition, and had strong will. In 1987, the opposition parties tried to obstruct the introduction of the sales tax. It was what she wanted to do.

Now she is the Speaker of the House. The politics will become clean through her "Otaka-san power". She is throwing out the old style of government, and working with her own style, For example, when she calls politician's name, she use the person's name with an honorific title, 'san'. The usual custom was that the Speaker of the House mentioned a person's name without any honorific title.

[Oct. 1998] She is no longer Speaker of the House but is the leader of The Socialist Democratic Party now.

References:"Doi Takako My Way" written by Takako Doi published by Shupposinsha

Reported by: Mikako Mizutani
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